A Double Penguin Recovery (via 2.1 Update) – But Does It Reveal A Penguin Glitch?

Summary: I analyzed the first double Penguin recovery I have come across during my research (after the Penguin 2.1 update). But what I found could reveal a glitch in the Penguin algorithm. And that glitch could be providing a false sense of security to some business owners. If you have followed my blog and Search … Read more

Penguin 2.1 Analysis and Findings (Based on the October 4, 2013 Update)

On Friday, October 4th at 4:50PM, Matt Cutts announced that Penguin 2.1 was rolling out.  It was shortly after reading that update that I tweeted we could be in for an icy weekend (as the latest update would surely take out more websites).  But on the flip side, a new update also meant that more … Read more

A Wolf in Panda’s Clothing – How An Expired SSL Certificate Could Impact Organic Search Traffic

Summary: How I helped an ecommerce retailer recover from Panda in eight days, when it was never Panda in the first place. A few weeks ago, I had a business owner reach out to me about a potential Panda hit.  His initial email to me was similar to many others I have seen.  He noticed … Read more

Avoiding Dirty Sitemaps – How to Download and Crawl XML Sitemaps Using Screaming Frog

SEO Audits are a core service I provide, including both comprehensive audits and laser-focused audits tied to algorithm updates.  There are times during those audits that I come across strange pages that are indexed, or I see crawl errors for pages not readily apparent on the site itself.  As part of the investigation, it’s smart … Read more

Panda To Roll Out Monthly Over Ten Days — What It Means for Website Owners and SEOs

At SMX West, Matt Cutts spoke about the latest Panda changes, and mentioned that the algorithm update had matured.  He explained that Panda will now roll out monthly, but slowly over a 10 day period.  Previously, Panda would roll out every 4-6 weeks and the rollout would be relatively quick (all in one shot).  In … Read more

Penguin 2.0 Initial Findings – A Deeper Update, But Not Broader [Analysis]

Penguin 2.0 launched on Wednesday, May 22nd, and it’s an update that most SEOs have been eagerly awaiting.  Leading up to the rollout, all signs pointed to a nasty algorithm update that was going to be bigger and badder than the Penguin 1.0.  There was a lot of speculation about how aggressive it would be, … Read more

SEO Findings From Google’s Phantom Update on May 8th, 2013 | Was It Penguin 2.0 in the Wild?

In early May there was a lot of chatter in the webmaster forums about a major Google update.  Google wouldn’t confirm that it occurred (big shock), but the level of chatter was significant.  Not long after that, Matt Cutts announced that Penguin 2.0 would be rolling out within the next few weeks, and that it … Read more

Robots.txt and Invisible Characters – How One Hidden Character Could Cause SEO Problems

If you’ve read some of my blog posts in the past, then you know I perform a lot of SEO technical audits.  As one of the checks during SEO audits, I always analyze a client’s robots.txt file to ensure it’s not blocking important directories or files.  If you’re not familiar with robots.txt, it’s a text … Read more

You Might Be Losing Out – How To Make Sure Sitelink Extensions in Bing Ads Are Tracked Properly [Tutorial]

Bing Ads released sitelink extensions in October of 2012, which enables advertisers to provide additional links in their text ads.  Google AdWords has had ad sitelinks for some time, so this was a great addition by our friends at Bing Ads.  For example, if you were an ecommerce website selling sporting goods, you could provide … Read more

Facebook Graph Search Update: Facebook Now Passing Keywords to Destination Websites, Can Track in Google Analytics

Facebook Graph Search launched in January, and I was fortunate to have early access.  Upon gaining access, I began heavily testing Facebook’s new social search capabilities.  That research led to my first post covering my initial thoughts about Graph Search, including its impact on local search, privacy, reputation management, etc.  You should check out that … Read more