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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is constantly evolving, which is both amazing and challenging.

As Search grows beyond the traditional 10 blue links and Google evolves, you need a consultant with a wealth of SEO experience as your guide.

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Glenn Gabe

Glenn Gabe started his career in 1995 developing web and multimedia applications before Google even arrived on the scene. And as Google took off, Glenn began to focus extensively on organic search.

Since then, Glenn has helped many companies improve their organic search performance, recover from major algorithm updates, overcome manual actions (penalties), and adapt to an ever-changing Google environment.

G-Squared Interactive brings over 27 years of digital marketing experience to the table (with 18 years focused on Search). Glenn Gabe has helped many companies with SEO across categories and countries, including some of the largest brands on the web. Learn more about GSQi’s SEO services below.

SEO Services from G-Squared Interactive

Algorithm Update Recovery Services

Google rolls out thousands of changes per year in Search, but some updates are bigger than others. For example, Google rolls out broad core algorithm updates only 2-4 times per year and those updates can make the earth shake.

When a broad core update rolls out, many sites globally can see significant volatility in rankings and organic search traffic. For example, it’s not uncommon to see some websites gain or lose over 60% of their traffic overnight when core updates roll out, which can cause serious problems from a revenue standpoint.

Glenn Gabe of G-Squared Interactive has extensive experience helping companies recover from Google’s broad core updates. He specializes in helping larger-scale and complex sites that have seen a significant drop in rankings and traffic. Glenn has helped some of the largest brands on the web recover from major algorithm updates while also helping those companies future-proof their sites as much as possible. Glenn has helped companies across a wide range of industries, including health and medical, e-commerce, news publishers, entertainment, music and lyrics, financial, real estate, automotive, education, travel, and more.

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Technical SEO Audits

Technical SEO Audits

SEO audits have been a core service of G-Squared Interactive since its inception. The reason is simple. You never know what you’re going to find until you truly dig into a site.

And sometimes what you find during an in-depth audit is causing severe SEO problems for a site. The remediation plan Glenn maps out can help rectify major SEO issues that might be invisible to the naked eye.

Search Engine Optimization is a complex topic that involves many different components. But without a rock-solid technical SEO setup, you’re dead in the water. Glenn leaves no stone unturned when completing SEO audits. And since “what lies beneath” can sometimes cause serious harm to a site SEO-wise, that’s exactly what you need.

Glenn conducts a through crawl analysis and audit that covers a number of important categories. From analyzing website structure, coding techniques and their effect on SEO, user experience (UX), crawl errors, content optimization, advertising experience, and more, Glenn provides the strengths, weaknesses, risks, and opportunities as he completes the audit and the resulting remediation plan is a powerful blueprint for improving SEO across a site.

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SEO for website redesigns and site migrations

Website Redesigns and Migrations

Let’s face it, most companies need to go through a website redesign or site migration at some point. But many companies don’t understand the risk SEO-wise. Unfortunately, Glenn Gabe has received many calls from companies that have seen a significant drop in organic search traffic after redesigns or migrations go live. And that’s the core problem.

SEO should be involved from the beginning in order to minimize the negative effect from a redesign, url migration, CMS migration, or domain name change. Glenn can help close the gaps between the development team, marketing department, c-level, and SEO. And depending on the company, those gaps can be large…

Glenn Gabe of GSQi has a dedicated service for redesigns and site migrations based on helping companies navigate their way through the process. Glenn has helped many larger-scale and complex websites prepare for, execute, and monitor website redesigns, CMS migrations, domain name changes, URL migrations, and more.

Glenn has a wealth of experience dealing with the known, and the unknown. Based on the process Glenn has mapped out, he can often nip serious problems in the bud as changes are tested in staging, and then pushed to production. The goal is to make sure those problems don’t see the light of day.

Unfortunately, “quick fixes” typically won’t work when a website redesign or migration goes off the rails, so it’s critically important to prepare, execute, and monitor at the highest levels. And Glenn can help you accomplish that goal.

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Web Analytics Consulting from GSQi

SEO Training

Search engine optimization (SEO) moves at light speed, which is both incredible and scary at the same time. The number of changes that Google rolls out per year is staggering. Change is truly constant in the world of SEO. From algorithm updates to new features in the search results to new devices and surfaces, there’s a never-ending supply of new things to learn.

Whether you are just starting out in Search, or if you just want to gain a greater understanding of the discipline, receiving the right SEO training is extremely important. And the trainer guiding you is critically important.

Glenn Gabe provides SEO Bootcamp Training covering a wide range of important topics. SEO Bootcamp was designed to help business owners, marketing professionals, designers, and developers gain a solid understand of SEO so they can enhance the visibility of their products and services in the search engines. Glenn’s goal is to make sure participants leave the course ready to make changes.

The Last Year in Search – Key SEO Changes and What Lies Ahead
In addition to SEO bootcamp training, Glenn can also present the last year of changes in Search (a rolling presentation that’s always updated with the latest and greatest). It’s a strong way to get up to speed on the latest changes that Google has rolled out over the past twelve months. Glenn keeps the pulse of the industry and provides a wealth of information about the latest changes, examples of how they are impacting companies, and how those changes can impact your bottom line.

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