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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

G-Squared Interactive (GSQi) provides advanced SEO services with a heavy focus on helping companies recover from a significant drop in organic search traffic. 

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G-Squared Interactive (GSQi)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

G-Squared Interactive (GSQi) provides advanced SEO services with a heavy focus on helping companies recover from a significant drop in organic search traffic. 

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Advanced SEO Services


Advanced SEO Services

Glenn Gabe has over 27 years of experience and has helped some of the largest and most complex sites recover from a drop in rankings and traffic. 

And that drop could be due to major algorithm updates (like Google’s broad core updates and helpful content updates), website redesigns or site migrations that go wrong, manual actions, or other disturbances in the SEO force.

G-Squared Interactive also provides extensive technical SEO audits to uncover all of the potential problems that could be leading to a decline in organic search traffic. Led by Glenn Gabe, a veteran in the Search industry with over 27 years of experience, G-Squared has helped many companies across various categories and countries recover from a drop in organic search traffic.

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Algorithm Update Remediation

There’s Never One Smoking (SEO) Gun

When a website is significantly impacted by a major algorithm update (like Google’s broad core algorithm updates), it’s critically important to understand that there’s never one smoking gun. There’s usually a battery of them…

Glenn Gabe digs deep by thoroughly analyzing websites through the lens of Google’s broad core updates to surface all potential quality problems that can be negatively impacting a site. Learn more about Glenn’s algorithm update services now.

Algorithm Update Services
Glenn Gabe


Glenn Gabe

Glenn is a digital marketing veteran that has been focusing on Search since Google arrived on the scene. He is also an avid blogger and has been publishing in-depth articles and posts on his blog (The Internet Marketing Driver) since 2006. Beyond writing for his own blog, Glenn is a columnist at Search Engine Land and a contributor at Search Engine Roundtable. He has also been a guest on many industry podcasts over the past several years and shares the latest about algorithm updates, technical SEO, and more via social media on X, LinkedIn, Facebook, Threads, and Mastodon.

Glenn also runs SEO bootcamp training, which is an intensive program covering a wide range of SEO topics.

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Glenn’s Blog

The Internet Marketing Driver

Looking for Glenn’s latest blog posts? Visit the Internet Marketing Driver, where Glenn publishes in-depth articles and posts spanning major algorithm updates, case studies, technical SEO, new SERP features, AI and SEO, and other disturbances in the SEO force.

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On Glenn’s blog, you’ll find posts covering:

Major algorithm updates (like Google’s broad core updatesGoogle’s Reviews Updateor a combination of the two!)

Technical SEO topics.

AI chat in the search results.

New featuresSearch experiments, and SERP changes.

Manual actions.

SEO tools and services.


Case studies and SEO research.

Web Stories.

And more.

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SEO Services

Learn How G-Squared Interactive Can Improve Your Organic Search Performance

Whether you’ve been impacted by a major Google algorithm update and need to recover, or if you’re simply trying to future-proof your website, Glenn Gabe of GSQi can help.

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SEO Services

How Glenn Gabe Can Help

Algorithm Update Recovery Services

Glenn Gabe has extensive experience helping companies recover from major algorithm updates, including Google’s broad core updates. When impacted by a core update, it’s critically important to surface all potential quality problems that could be impacting a site. Glenn performs a thorough crawl analysis and audit through the lens of Google’s core updates and leaves no stone unturned.

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Technical SEO Audits and Crawl Analyses

SEO audits are a core service of G-Squared Interactive, and always have been. Glenn Gabe began his career in web application development, which helps him dig deep to surface technical problems that could be inhibiting organic search performance. Audits are typically part of a longer-term engagement and include a crawl analysis of the site combined with a GSC audit and manual technical audit.

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Website Redesign and Site Migration Services

SEO should always be a core consideration during website redesigns and site migrations. Botched redesigns, url migrations, and CMS migrations are the second-leading reason that Glenn receives calls about significant drops in organic search traffic (only second to major algorithm updates). GSQi has a specific service for redesigns and migrations.

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