Month: June 2016

June 2016 Google Algorithm Update – Analysis and Findings (But Was It Panda or Another Quality Update?)

{Updated on 7/4/16 with additional information and screenshots based on the impact from the June algorithm update.} {Updated on 7/6/16 with  information about the gain or loss of rich snippets based on the June update.} {Updated on 7/11/16 with information about Penguin 4.0 from Google’s John Mueller.} Summer is here, and it could be a … Read more

Bitlygeddon Arrives On 6/29/16 – How To Update A Branded Short Domain Name So Your Shared Links Don’t Break

For years I’ve been using a short branded domain name combined with bitly to shorten links I share across social media. For example, I registered as the short domain name, and whenever I share a link on Twitter, that’s the domain name in the urls for all shares. Here’s a quick example that leads … Read more

How To Create A Property Set In Google Search Console (GSC) Before A Domain Name Change or HTTPS Migration

Update: March 2019: Google has released a new type of property in Google Search Console called a domain property. A domain property will include all variations for the domain, including by protocol and subdomain. It’s a great move forward by Google and I highly recommend you set them up as soon as possible. In order … Read more

How To Hack Boosted Posts Via Facebook Ads Manager To Target Multiple Custom Audiences At One Time

Boosting Facebook posts to custom audiences is a great way to reach a targeted audience (and at a relatively low cost). Many people running Facebook pages don’t realize this, but you don’t have to boost a post simply to your fanbase. Instead, you can boost a post to any custom audience you have set up … Read more