Month: March 2023

How to compare hourly sessions in Google Analytics 4 to track the impact from major Google algorithm updates (like broad core updates)

I was just asked on Twitter if there was an easy way to compare Google organic traffic hourly like you can in Universal Analytics. That’s a great question, and that’s a super useful report to have as major algorithm updates roll out. You can typically start to see the separation over time as the update … Read more

It’s all in the (site) name: 9 tips for troubleshooting why your site name isn’t showing up properly in the Google search results

Update: April 21, 2023Google published a form for reporting site name problems in the search results. This is based on a number of companies reporting the wrong site names appearing in the SERPs. Read more here: —— With favicons and site names now appearing in both the mobile and desktop search results, it’s important to … Read more

Google Explore – The sneaky mobile content feed that’s displacing rankings in mobile search and could be eating clicks and impressions

I just completed a SERP analysis for a client and decided to write this post to highlight an important search feature that I don’t hear many people talking about in the industry. It’s Google Explore and it’s a super-interesting feature I have covered in a previous blog post. Google tested Explore in the spring of … Read more