Month: December 2012

Introducing SEO Bootcamp Princeton, A Hands-On SEO Training Course in Princeton NJ

I absolutely love getting in front of a group of people to speak about SEO (and always have).  Over the past several years, I’ve led SEO training classes for clients covering a wide range of topics, from technical SEO to keyword research to content optimization to linkbuilding strategy.  Although I’ve really enjoyed leading classes like … Read more

Trackbacks in Google Analytics – How To Analyze Inbound Links in GA’s Social Reports

In May of 2012, Google Analytics introduced trackbacks in its social reporting.  If you’re not familiar with trackbacks, they enable you to understand when another website links to your content.  So, using Google Analytics, and the new trackbacks reporting, you could start to track inbound links you are building from across the web. Note, if … Read more