Introducing SEO Bootcamp Princeton, A Hands-On SEO Training Course in Princeton NJ

Glenn Gabe

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SEO Training Topics

I absolutely love getting in front of a group of people to speak about SEO (and always have).  Over the past several years, I’ve led SEO training classes for clients covering a wide range of topics, from technical SEO to keyword research to content optimization to linkbuilding strategy.  Although I’ve really enjoyed leading classes like this, I’ve always wanted to launch a training program that anyone could sign up for, and not just clients.  Well, I finally put the program together, and it’s called SEO Bootcamp Princeton.

SEO Bootcamp Princeton is a three hour, in-person training course being held at the Johnson Education Center (at D&R Greenway) on January 17th, from 9AM to 12PM.  You can register online via EventBrite, and there’s a 20% off, early registration discount running through 12/31/12.  If you register by then, tickets are $145 versus the standard price of $179.

The Target Audience for SEO Bootcamp Princeton
So, what will you learn at SEO Bootcamp Princeton?  Put simply, you’ll learn a lot.  My goal is to make sure attendees can leave the training ready to make changes to their websites.  I’ve crafted the training so it can be valuable for any person marketing a business, from small business owners to corporate marketers.  SMB’s will learn the tactical knowledge necessary to build a solid SEO foundation, while corporate marketers can learn SEO best practices and techniques.

In addition, the training will be extremely valuable for creative professionals, including designers, programmers, copywriters, etc.  I used to work for a large agency in New York City, and I led a similar type of training there.  I can tell you that every creative professional left the training with a stronger understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  Actually, I know the training changed how some people performed their jobs on a regular basis…

For example, designers and programmers learned about search engine friendly ways to design and code sites, while copywriters learned how to perform keyword research and properly optimize content.  Professionals involved with information architecture (IA) learned how to best structure a navigation, while also learning the best ways to build an internal linking structure.  And everyone in the training learned about the risks of redesigning a website without taking SEO into account.

Those are just a few of the SEO topics you’ll learn more about at SEO Bootcamp Princeton.  Again, my goal is that you leave with a much deeper knowledge of SEO, that you can make changes immediately, and that you take SEO into account whenever working on a website, campaign, or redesign.  You can learn more about the topics I’m going to cover on the SEO Bootcamp Princeton webpage.

SEO Bootcamp Princeton is Job-Agnostic – All Levels and Positions Will Benefit

Technical and Creative Job Titles

Tools and Plugins
SEO is definitely a mix of art and science.  And in order to assist SEO professionals with several core tasks, there are many tools and plugins one can use.  During the training, I will highlight several of the tools and plugins that can make your job easier SEO-wise.  I’ve always said that when you combine the right tools with the right SEO knowledge, great things can happen.  And I’ll make sure to explain some of my favorites along the way.  From Firefox plugins to Chrome extensions to standalone software applications, you’ll leave the training with a list of tools that can help you on a regular basis.

SEO Tools Training

Major Algorithm Updates
I can’t leave this post without touching on a very important topic in SEO that’s affecting many business owners.  Google has launched several important algorithm updates since early 2011, including both Panda and Penguin.   As you can imagine, I receive calls every month from business owners that have gotten hammered by these updates.  During SEO Bootcamp Princeton, I will introduce each major algorithm update, and cover important insights based on helping a range of businesses deal with the aftermath of getting hit.  And more importantly, I can explain the best ways to avoid getting hit in the first place.  You can read several of my case studies about Panda recovery and Penguin recovery if you are interested in learning more.

Panda and Penguin Algorithm Updates

Next Steps, Register Today
In closing, I’m ultra-excited about SEO Bootcamp Princeton.  If you are interested in registering, you can sign up via the EventBrite page.  Again, there’s a 20% off, early registration discount running through 12/31.  After 12/31, the standard pricing will be $179 per seat.  If you have any questions about the training, don’t hesitate to contact me.  It would be great to see you there!