Month: September 2023

September 2023 HCU

The September 2023 Google Helpful Content Update – Did Google’s Announcement in April About Page Experience Foreshadow What We’re Seeing With The Current HCU(X)?

Based on what I’m seeing with sites heavily impacted by the HCU, and what Google explained in its April documentation update, the combination of unhelpful content and poor UX can be an extremely problematic combination for site owners. Update: 10/2/23:Included a section about Google’s latest blog post on which covers how to effectively run … Read more

Bing's Sitemap Index Coverage Reporting

How To Find Lower-Quality Content Being Excluded From Indexing Using Bing’s XML Sitemap Coverage Report (and Its “Content Quality” Flag)

Bing finally rolled out its XML Sitemap Coverage Report in Bing Webmaster Tools, which is a great addition for site owners. Using the report, you can check indexing levels based on the urls being submitted via XML sitemaps. This is similar to what Google offers in its Coverage reporting, but it’s great to have another … Read more

Exporting data for specific urls via the GSC API and Analytics Edge

How To Bulk Export GSC Performance Data For A Specific List Of URLs Using The Google Search Console API, Analytics Edge, and Excel

As I’ve been analyzing the impact from the August broad core update (I’ll have more to share on that soon…), I’ve been digging into drops and surges across sites. For larger-scale sites, I often come across pockets of content that I want to take a closer look at from a quality standpoint. And as part … Read more