Exporting data for specific urls via the GSC API and Analytics Edge

How To Bulk Export GSC Performance Data For A Specific List Of URLs Using The Google Search Console API, Analytics Edge, and Excel

As I’ve been analyzing the impact from the August broad core update (I’ll have more to share on that soon…), I’ve been digging into drops and surges across sites. For larger-scale sites, I often come across pockets of content that I want to take a closer look at from a quality standpoint. And as part … Read more

The Google May 2022 Broad Core Update – 5 micro-case studies that once again underscore the complexity of broad core algorithm updates

Google’s May 2022 broad core update rolled out on May 25, 2022 and the rollout completed on June 9, 2022 (taking about 15 days to fully roll out). It was a massive algorithm update with many sites seeing a ton of volatility early in the rollout. But that was just the beginning, as we saw … Read more

Image Migrations and Lost Signals – How long before images lose signals after a flawed url migration?

In 2016 I wrote a post covering how long it takes before urls lose signals after not properly redirecting those urls during a migration. For example, a site had urls ranking in web search, changed urls but forgot redirects, and the old urls were 404ing. In that case, how long would the site owner have … Read more

SEO Flatliners – The Curious Case Of A Massive 1-Month Algorithmic Demotion From Google (To The Minute) And What Could Have Triggered The Drop

In the movie Flatliners, a group of medical students experiment with dying for a short period of time to see what’s beyond, only to be revived quickly after. I couldn’t help but think of this movie while recently helping a company that was in a dire situation. The following case study represents the SEO version … Read more

Chrome Ad Filtering In Action: The first examples of Chrome blocking ads on sites with intrusive ads (desktop and mobile)

Update: February 27, 2018 Until today, you could only see ad filtering in action using Chrome Canary (a version of Chrome that provides the newest features being tested). But I just spotted ads being filtered in the stable version of Chrome for desktop and mobile. Google has said that ad filtering will roll out gradually … Read more