Month: April 2021

Google’s Product Reviews Update – Analysis and findings from a major algorithm update impacting affiliate marketers, review sites, and more

Update: May 2022I just published my findings based on analyzing the March 2022 Product Reviews Update (PRU). My post contains a number of interesting observations, including the use of video, linking to multiple sellers, intent shifts, PRU loopholes, the power of links (or not), and more. Update: December 2021I just published my analysis and findings … Read more

Smart Delta Reports – How To Automate Exporting, Filtering, and Comparing Google Search Data Across Timeframes Via The Search Console API and Analytics Edge

In 2013, I wrote a post explaining how to create what I called a Panda Report, which enabled you to identify landing pages seeing the biggest drop during a major algorithm update. The post explained how to do this based on Google Analytics data, but you can definitely do the same thing with GSC data … Read more