Month: October 2018

Night of the Living 302s: How SEO Crawlers and GSC’s Index Coverage Reporting Helped Me Surface A Sinister 302 Redirect Problem [Case Study]

I recently started helping a new client that has seen a continued drop in search visibility over time. After getting up to speed on the site, its history, business model, etc., I started a thorough crawl analysis and audit of the site. The crawl analysis involves performing an enterprise crawl and then subsequent surgical crawls … Read more

The September 27, 2018 Google Algorithm Update And October 4 Tremor – Google Experiments, Relevance, Trust Signals, Reversals, and “Staying in your lane”

I was asked on September 26 whether or not I had seen another significant update after the August 1, 2018 update. That was a massive update and many sites were impacted across the web. Well, I said we were due, but didn’t realize how close we actually were. Just one day later on September 27, … Read more