Month: April 2016

How Does The Facebook News Feed Work? – Notes From Adam Mosseri’s 2016 F8 Presentation (Head of Product for News Feed)

Although many people associate algorithms with Google, Facebook also has many algorithms running on a regular basis. And I can’t think of one more important than its News Feed algorithm. That’s what determines the posts and updates you see when you log into your account. With most people having hundreds of “friends”, while also liking … Read more

Is Your Killer Content Still Killer? How To Update Older and Outdated Content To Maintain High Search Rankings (Case Study)

You’ve heard it before a thousand times. “Produce killer content to win at SEO.” And I definitely agree with that statement. Because if you do, then you can get in front of more eyeballs, gain a following, naturally build powerful inbound links, and there’s a good chance that Google will reward you with strong rankings … Read more