Month: November 2015

Google’s Unconfirmed Algorithm Updates in 2015 and Their Connection to Panda and Phantom (Including the 11/19/15 Update)

2015 has been an incredibly interesting year from a Google algorithm update standpoint. Although there weren’t many confirmed updates like previous years, it was still a relatively volatile year algo-wise. We had the mobile-friendly algorithm released in April of 2015, Phantom 2 confirmed in early May, and then Panda 4.2 in July. Although those are … Read more

How To Check The X-Robots-Tag For Noindex Directives (Google Tools, Chrome Extensions, and Third-party Crawlers)

Updated: April 2022 The post now contains the most current tools I use for checking the x-robots tag for noindex directives. The list includes tools directly from Google, Chrome extensions, and third-party crawling tools. —— I have previously written about the power (and danger) of the meta robots tag. It’s one line of code that … Read more