Month: November 2012

How Google Analytics *Really* Handles Referring Traffic Sources [Experiment] – Why Clicks and Visits Might Not Match Up

Let me walk you through a common scenario in web marketing.  You have a website, and some people visit your site by clicking through links on other websites.  In your web analytics reporting, those visits are categorized as referring visits.  In Google Analytics specifically, those visits show up in your “Referrals” report under “Traffic Sources”.  … Read more

Hunting False Negatives – How To Avoid False Negatives When Checking Redirects After a Website Redesign or Migration [Screaming Frog Tutorial]

Every webmaster has to deal with a website redesign or migration at some point.  And redesigns and migrations often mean that your URL structure will be impacted.  From an SEO perspective, when URL’s need to change, it’s critically important that you have a solid 301 redirection plan in place.  If you don’t, you can pay … Read more