Month: August 2023

Google removing FAQ and HowTo snippets from the search results

Analyzing the removal of FAQ and HowTo snippets from the Google search results [Data]

Update: September 14, 2023Google just announced that HowTo snippets will now be removed from the desktop results as well. The original announcement explained desktop HowTo snippets would remain, but Google reversed course and has now removed them. Update: September 13, 2023Google finally removed FAQ snippets from the desktop results. Learn more about the removal. —–On … Read more

Syndicated Content SEO Case Study

Why Noindexing Syndicated Content Is The Way – Tracking 3K syndicated news articles to determine the impact on indexing, ranking, and traffic across Google surfaces [Case Study]

Last month John Shehata from NewzDash published a blog post documenting a study covering the impact of syndication on news publishers. For example, when a publisher syndicates articles to syndication partners, which site ranks and what does that look like across Google surfaces (Search, Google News, etc.) The results confirmed what many have seen in … Read more