Month: August 2018

Meet Newsguard, A Team Of Quality Raters For News Publishers – And Another Way To Check Site Trust, Credibility, and Transparency

Update: April 2022 I just published a post explaining how sites can use NewsGuard’s nutritional labels to avoid manual actions for violating Google’s medical policy (for News and Discover). This is based on helping sites that received manual actions in January of 2022. —– Based partly on the August 1 Google algorithm update, there’s been … Read more

Analysis and Findings From The August 1, 2018 Google Algorithm Update – A Massive Core Ranking Update

{Update July 2022: I just published my post about the May 2022 broad core update. In my post, I cover five micro-case studies covering drops and surges based on the update.} —– On August 1, 2018 Google rolled out one of the biggest algorithm updates I’ve ever seen. It was huge and many sites saw … Read more