Month: June 2018

More data awaits: How to juice up your Index Coverage reporting by adding directories to Google Search Console (GSC)

Google’s new index coverage reporting is killer. For a long time, the SEO community wanted something more powerful than the simple index status report in the old GSC. You know, something we could really sink our SEO teeth into. And we finally received that in the form of the new index coverage reporting in the … Read more

The March 7 and April 16 2018 Google Algorithm Updates [Part 2] – Analysis and Findings From The 4/16 Update

In part one of this series, I covered an overview of the March 7 and April 16 updates, what I think could be going on with relevance and quality, what Google has explained about the update, and more. Now in part two, I’m going to provide examples of specific drops and surges I analyzed based … Read more