Month: March 2017

How To Properly Set Up Pagination With Sorting Parameters Using Rel Next/Prev And Rel Canonical [SEO Tutorial]

Last Updated: October 2021 Update – October 2021Google just published new help documentation containing best practices for e-commerce sites, which included a section about pagination. In that section, Google explains that for category pagination, it recommends having each paginated url indexable and that each contains a self-referencing canonical tag. Google also emphasizes to not canonicalize … Read more

How To Export All Search Queries From Google Search Console To Compare Clicks And Impressions After An Algorithm Update (using Analytics Edge)

When experiencing a traffic drop due to an algorithm update, redesign, migration, or some other event, it’s important to dig into the drop to understand the queries and landing pages that saw the biggest change. When you do, you can have a strong feel for the pages impacted and the queries leading to those pages … Read more