How to Use Plot Rows in Google Analytics to Quickly Trend Sources of Traffic or Keywords

Google Analytics v5 was released last month, which included several new and valuable features. For example, tracking events as conversions, custom dashboards, cross channel tracking, etc. That said, there is one new feature that hasn’t gotten much press, but is very handy. It’s called Plot Rows and enables you to easily trend rows of data … Read more

Google +1, AdWords, and The Effect on Landing Page Strategy – Will Advertisers Be Penalized for Using Campaign Landing Pages

As you’ve probably heard by now, Google released its +1 social recommendation engine on Wednesday. There are several reasons Google is doing this, including trying to make search results more relevant, enabling you to recommend pages (and ads) to your social connections, and combating the Facebook Like button. At this point, your social connections are … Read more

Successfully Revealing the Iceberg – Avoid These Common Pitfalls When Opening Up New Content for SEO

When I’m helping clients with SEO, I often look for opportunities to expand the amount of optimized content they provide on their sites by leveraging information they already own (or that they already have developed). I see opportunities to do this often, since it’s easy to overlook data that’s right under your nose (if you … Read more

How To Use Param1 and Param2 in AdCenter to Customize Your Paid Search Ads [Tutorial]

With the transition to the Microsoft and Yahoo! Search Alliance complete (and Bing now powering Yahoo), more and more marketers have been migrating campaigns to AdCenter. It makes sense, especially since the latest Search share numbers show Bing-Powered Search at ~29% (combining both Bing and Yahoo!). Although there are many similarities between Microsoft AdCenter and … Read more

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