Month: December 2011

How To Use The Contextual Targeting Tool to Estimate CPC and Budget for Google Display Network Campaigns [Video]

When most people think of running AdWords campaigns, they immediately think of ads running on Many don’t realize that you can target audiences outside of with both text ads and display advertising. The ads will run across Google’s Display Network, which includes any website running Google Ads. Note, this also includes Google properties … Read more

Targeting Competitor Fans via Facebook Advertising: Legitimate Practice or Risky Business?

I’ve been launching more and more Facebook advertising for clients over the past few years. Although many marketers will be quick to say that Facebook Ads don’t produce the ROI that Search Marketing campaigns do, I don’t necessarily think that’s a fair comparison. Actually, I believe they can work together, and both can be powerful … Read more

For Writing Effective SEM Copy, John Caples Was Right – Specific Beats General

Earlier in my career I read an advertising book that had a big impact on me. The book was Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples, who is one of the most famous copywriters in advertising history. Reading his book completely changed the way I thought about ad copy. I won’t go in depth on every … Read more