Month: February 2011

How To Use Param1 and Param2 in AdCenter to Customize Your Paid Search Ads [Tutorial]

With the transition to the Microsoft and Yahoo! Search Alliance complete (and Bing now powering Yahoo), more and more marketers have been migrating campaigns to AdCenter. It makes sense, especially since the latest Search share numbers show Bing-Powered Search at ~29% (combining both Bing and Yahoo!). Although there are many similarities between Microsoft AdCenter and … Read more

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Announcing a Premium Webinar on Local SEO and Google Analytics for Search, G-Squared and The Marketing Spot Team Up

When speaking with local businesses about digital marketing, there are two topics that consistently come up (and for good reason). First, with the importance of SEO for generating new local business, companies want to know how to rank highly in local search (and across engines). Strong local rankings can often lead to increased exposure, more … Read more