Google Instant, The Importance of Your Twitter Account, and The Danger of Not Being Found

I’m going to introduce a few topics before getting into the heart of this post. As you might know already, Google released a major update to its search experience a few weeks ago, called Google Instant. With Instant, Google now changes the search results as you type your query (on the fly). That includes changing … Read more

The Domino’s YouTube Video and the Ripple Effect on Fast Food Restaurants

My guess is that you’ve heard about the appalling Domino’s YouTube video by now. It’s the one featuring two employees performing some disgusting acts to ingredients as they prepare orders for customers. For example, one employee sticks pieces of cheese up his nose while making a sandwich with that very cheese. And if you watch … Read more

Hacked Gmail Accounts: What To Do If Your Gmail Account Is Compromised By Hackers

The morning of March 2nd started out fairly normally. I moved quickly to get ready and jumped on my computer to check email, twitter, my feeds, etc. So I launched Outlook and happened to see an email from one of my good friends Matt Leonard. He’s a great guy and a smart marketer so we’re … Read more