Announcing a Premium Webinar on Local SEO and Google Analytics for Search, G-Squared and The Marketing Spot Team Up

When speaking with local businesses about digital marketing, there are two topics that consistently come up (and for good reason). First, with the importance of SEO for generating new local business, companies want to know how to rank highly in local search (and across engines). Strong local rankings can often lead to increased exposure, more … Read more

How To Use Matched Search Query Reports in Google Analytics to Improve Your AdWords Campaigns

Last month, Google Analytics released a new version of AdWords reporting to all accounts. This was much-needed and Google did a great job with adding the new reporting functionality. There are some great additions to the reporting that can really save you a lot of time, while also helping you enhance your current AdWords campaigns. … Read more

How To Track Elapsed Time (or Time to Complete) in Google Analytics Using TimeTracker [TUTORIAL]

Over the past few years, conversion optimization has become an incredibly important service that I provide for my clients. Sometimes in order to improve conversion, there are times that I need to analyze a multi-step process that occurs on one page. A good example of this would be an elaborate form that visitors need to … Read more

A Baker’s Dozen: A Quick Update on Kati’s Kupcakes, The Winner of The Search a Small Business Holiday Giveaway [PODCAST]

If you’re a frequent reader of my blog, then you probably remember the Search a Small Business Holiday Giveaway I launched this past December.  The purpose of the contest was to give an ultra-small business in New Jersey a free online marketing audit, which would produce plan for enhancing the company’s digital strategies. I launched … Read more

Conversion Goals and Events in Google Analytics: What’s The Difference and When To Use Them

As online marketing evolves, more and more companies are realizing the power of effectively tracking their marketing efforts via web analytics.  I’m finding myself doing a lot more analytics strategy work for clients and I absolutely love it (on multiple levels). I’ve worked with a wide range of web analytics packages since 1995 and it’s … Read more