Month: November 2022

Percent Human: A list of tools for detecting lower-quality AI content

Updated on 7/29/23: OpenAI shut down its AI content detection tool on July 24, 2023 based on low accuracy. The tool now 404s so I removed links to the tool from this post. Updated on 2/1/23: OpenAI’s AI content detection tool (AI Text Classifier) was added to the list. GPTZeroX was also included (an upgrade … Read more

True Destination – Demystifying the confusing, but often accurate, true destination url for redirects in Google Search Console’s coverage reporting

If you are confused when Google reports redirects as other categories, like “blocked by robots.txt”, “soft 404s”, “noindexed”, “404s”, and others, it could be Google silently following the redirect and reporting the status of the true destination url instead. My post covers the situation in detail, and provides examples of this happening in the wild. … Read more