Month: October 2021

How to identify ranking gaps in Google’s People Also Ask (PAA) SERP feature using Semrush

When performing a competitive analysis, it’s smart to run a keyword gap analysis to determine the queries that competitors rank for that your site doesn’t rank for. It can often yield low-hanging fruit that your content team can execute on. As part of that process, it’s also smart to analyze Google’s People Also Ask (PAA) … Read more

What happens to crawling and Google search rankings when 67% of a site’s indexed urls are pagination? [SEO Case Study]

There has been a lot of confusion and debate over the years about how to best handle pagination from an SEO perspective. It doesn’t help that Google changed on this front, which has led to even more confusion about the best path forward. For example, Google announced in March of 2019 that it stopped supporting … Read more