Month: March 2021

Filters and Pills in the Google SERPs – How the addition of filters, tabs, and dynamic organization in the search results can impact visibility and clicks

As Bob Dylan famously wrote, “The times, they are-a changin’…” Well, based on Google’s frantic pace of change, SEOs could easily tweak that line and replace “times” with “SERPs”. In this post, I’ll cover two more changes that site owners and SEOs should be aware of. And those additions can have a big impact on … Read more

How To Use GSC’s Crawl Stats Reporting To Analyze and Troubleshoot Site Moves (Domain Name Changes and URL Migrations)

For site migrations, I’ve always said that Murphy’s Law is real. “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” You can prepare like crazy, think you have everything nailed down, only to see a migration go sideways once it launches. That’s also why I believe that when something does go wrong (which it will), it’s … Read more