Month: May 2018

The March 7 and April 16 2018 Google Algorithm Updates – Relevance, quality, reverse-Panda, and clues from the past [Part 1]

Update: This is part one of two in my series about the March 7 and April 16, 2018 Google algorithm updates. I published part two and that post can be found here. On March 7, 2018 Google rolled out one of the biggest algorithm updates I’ve seen in a long time, which I called The … Read more

More hreflang magic tricks revealed: Google can select one country hreflang url to index from across multiple urls in the same language

In my last post, I explained a fascinating hreflang situation where Google could surface urls that were canonicalized (and not indexed) in the SERPs by country. For example, if you had multiple urls in the same language targeting different countries, and those urls were all canonicalized to one url (let’s say the /us/ version), then … Read more