Month: October 2016

How To 301 Redirect Images During a Website Redesign or CMS Migration – The Most Forgotten Step When Changing URLs

Website redesigns and CMS migrations can be challenging from an SEO standpoint. And that’s especially the case on large and complex websites, where there are a lot of moving parts. In those cases, business owners and webmasters need to be methodical and meticulous to avoid negative impact. I’ve written a number of posts about migrations … Read more

UTF-8 BOM and SEO: How to find, clean, and fix an invisible character in your robots.txt file

I’ve written in the past about how a robots.txt file could look fine, but actually not be fine. For example, maybe you add your directives, a sitemap file or sitemap index file, and then upload it to your site. You think all is good, but you find that directives are not being adhered to, maybe … Read more