Month: November 2013

A Double Penguin Recovery (via 2.1 Update) – But Does It Reveal A Penguin Glitch?

Summary: I analyzed the first double Penguin recovery I have come across during my research (after the Penguin 2.1 update). But what I found could reveal a glitch in the Penguin algorithm. And that glitch could be providing a false sense of security to some business owners. If you have followed my blog and Search … Read more

How Bing Pre-Renders Webpages in IE11 and How Marketers Can Use The Pre-Render Tag for CRO Today

Bing recently announced it is using IE11’s pre-render tag to enhance the user experience on   Pre-rendering enables Bing to automatically download the webpage for the first search result before you visit that page.  Note, this only happens for “popular searches”, and I’ll cover more about that below.  Pre-rendering via Bing means the destination page … Read more