Month: January 2013

Facebook Graph Search – My Initial Thoughts on Speed, Privacy, Reputation Management, Not Provided, and more

Last week, Facebook unveiled Facebook Graph Search, which is an important step forward for the social network.  Many in digital marketing, including myself, wondered why Facebook had never added a serious search feature to its platform.  It made no sense…  Until now, Facebook’s search functionality has been horrible.  I often joked that you couldn’t find yourself via Facebook … Read more

Faulty Redirects, Duplicate Content, and SEO – How a Redirect Glitch Created Hundreds of Thousands of Duplicate Pages

With the release of index status in Google Webmaster Tools, many webmasters are now questioning why their “not selected” numbers are high.  They wonder if those numbers are good, bad, normal, etc?  Unfortunately, there’s not an easy answer to that question, since it depends on the site at hand.  But, you can definitely look at … Read more