Month: March 2011

LinkedIn Ads and Pandora’s Checkbox – How To Share New Ads With Connections, or Hide Them From The Competition

In January of 2011, LinkedIn finally released its revamped ad platform titled LinkedIn Ads. Since January, I’ve been helping several clients build and launch campaigns that leverage the unique targeting capabilities that LinkedIn provides. For example, you can target by geography, industry, company, job title, LinkedIn group, etc. Based on this level of targeting, I’ve … Read more

Google Grants and Grantspro, How Non-Profits Can Increase AdWords Traffic and Performance

I’ve had the opportunity to work extensively on several Google Grants, both from a strategy and execution standpoint. Google Grants can be a great asset for non-profits, as they provide $10K per month in free advertising from Google. In addition, non-profits that meet a certain performance level can apply for Grantspro, which offers up to … Read more

Successfully Revealing the Iceberg – Avoid These Common Pitfalls When Opening Up New Content for SEO

When I’m helping clients with SEO, I often look for opportunities to expand the amount of optimized content they provide on their sites by leveraging information they already own (or that they already have developed). I see opportunities to do this often, since it’s easy to overlook data that’s right under your nose (if you … Read more