Month: April 2010

A Baker’s Dozen: A Quick Update on Kati’s Kupcakes, The Winner of The Search a Small Business Holiday Giveaway [PODCAST]

If you’re a frequent reader of my blog, then you probably remember the Search a Small Business Holiday Giveaway I launched this past December.  The purpose of the contest was to give an ultra-small business in New Jersey a free online marketing audit, which would produce plan for enhancing the company’s digital strategies. I launched … Read more

Conversion Goals and Events in Google Analytics: What’s The Difference and When To Use Them

As online marketing evolves, more and more companies are realizing the power of effectively tracking their marketing efforts via web analytics.  I’m finding myself doing a lot more analytics strategy work for clients and I absolutely love it (on multiple levels). I’ve worked with a wide range of web analytics packages since 1995 and it’s … Read more

Rethinking Your Viral Marketing Strategy: Why Building a Solid Online Marketing Foundation Should be Your First Priority, Not A Funny Video

There are times companies hire me to evaluate their online marketing strategies. Essentially, they want to better understand the potential impact of their efforts and if there are any holes in the strategy at hand.  When an idea for a viral marketing campaign crosses my desk, the first thing I like to do is gain … Read more

The Internet Marketing Driver: New Layout, New Platform

If you are a frequent reader of my blog, then you’ll notice that I launched a new layout today.  I recently decided to upgrade the technology running my blog, including both the hosting and blogging platform.  The new setup will give me more flexibility while providing a richer experience for my readers.  In addition, the … Read more