The Internet Marketing Driver: New Layout, New Platform

Glenn Gabe

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If you are a frequent reader of my blog, then you’ll notice that I launched a new layout today.  I recently decided to upgrade the technology running my blog, including both the hosting and blogging platform.  The new setup will give me more flexibility while providing a richer experience for my readers.  In addition, the new dimensions of the layout will give me more room to write.  And if you’ve read previous posts of mine, then you know that I like to write.  :)

Here are some notes about the new blog:

  • Since I’m using a new blogging platform moving forward, new posts will reside in the /imd/ directory (for Internet Marketing Driver).  It made the most sense to start new posts in a fresh directory while keeping my current posts in the /blog/ directory.
  • My older posts (hundreds of them) are still located in the /blog/ directory.  So, if you are looking for those older posts, it’s probably best to use the search functionality in the right sidebar.  You can also visit my tag pages to track down previous posts (also located in the right sidebar).
  • My RSS feed is now pointing to the new blog in the /imd/ directory.  So, if you are already a subscriber, you don’t need to do a thing.  You will see my latest posts via my current feed.

If you’re new to my blog and think I’ve only written a few posts (due to my older posts residing in another directory), think again!  There are hundreds of posts covering the latest in online marketing strategy located in the /blog/ directory and I’ve provided links to my last seven posts below.  Again, you can always use the search functionality on my blog or visit my tag pages to see previous posts.  Also, I plan to refine my blog setup over the next few months, so bear with me in the short-term.

I hope you enjoy the new layout, platform, and functionality.  Keep on the lookout for my new posts as usual.

Here are my last seven posts to get you started:

Mobile Visitor Trending and The Impact On Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Campaigns

Mobile Browser ScreenshotAll you have to do is look around you right now to see the power (and promise) of mobile technology. Everyone is holding some form of mobile device, whether that’s a smartphone like an iphone or blackberry, or a feature phone (which is a marketing term for a standard cell phone with relatively basic functionality). And as mobile devices gain traction, more and more people are accessing the web via mobile browsers to research information, buy products, sign up for your services, contact local businesses, etc. It’s becoming hard to ignore that fact. Continue reading>>

.htaccess for Windows Server: How To Use ISAPI Rewrite To Handle Canonicalization and Redirects For SEO

isapi rewriteIf you’ve read previous blog posts of mine, then you know how important I think having a clean and crawlable website structure is for SEO. When performing SEO audits, it’s usually not long before the important topic of canonicalization comes up. Canonicalization is the process of ensuring that you don’t provide the same content at more than more URL. It’s also one of the hardest words in SEO to pronounce. :) If you don’t address canonicalization, you can end up with identical content at multiple URL’s, which can present duplicate content issues. And you don’t want duplicate content. For example, you don’t want your site to resolve at both non-www and www, at both http and https, using mixed case, having folders resolve with and without trailing slashes, etc. Continue reading>>

SES NY 2010 Series: Augmented Reality and Mobile Marketing, An Interview With Rachel Pasqua of iCrossing

Augmented RealityThis is the second post in my SES NY 2010 series. The conference is only one week away and I’ll be covering it again via blogging and Twitter. As part of my coverage, I’m writing a few posts about sessions that piqued my curiosity. As I was scanning through the list of topics being covered at this year’s conference, it was hard not to be interested in the session about Augmented Reality (AR). AR is the hot new technology that merges real world data with computer generated elements, and it provides a world of opportunity for mobile marketers. Continue reading>>

SES NY 2010 Series: Getting Penalized and Banned in Search, An Interview With Michael Stebbins from Market Motive

Penalized and banned in GoogleIt’s that time of year again. SES New York is only a few weeks away and I’ll be covering the conference again via blogging and Twitter. As part of my coverage, I’ll be writing a blog posts previewing some of the sessions that I’m excited about attending. My first post is about a session titled “Post Mortem: Banned Site Forensics” and it will be co-presented by Michael Stebbins, the CEO of Market Motive, and Rand Fishkin, the CEO of SEOmoz, on Tuesday, March 23rd at 12:45. During the session, Michael and Rand will share some of the most egregious tactics that can get you in trouble, and also how to deal with getting penalized or banned. I had a chance to interview Michael last week about the session and you will find the interview below. Continue reading>>

Advanced Segmentation in Google Analytics: How to Set Up and Use Advanced Segments to Analyze Social Media Traffic

Advanced SegmentationWhen I’m helping clients analyze website traffic and performance, I try and help them avoid the time-consuming process of “report browsing”. Instead, I emphasize entering the process with a very specific goal in mind. You need a purpose when diving into reporting or else you run the risk of spending hours scanning metrics with nothing to show at the end but a headache and a bottle of Visine. I also emphasize focusing on actionable data, or information you can analyze and then make decisions based on. This is why segmentation is so important. I’ll explain more about segments below, but for now think of a segment as a slice of your site traffic (based on traffic source, type of visitor, etc.) For the example I provide in this post, visitors from Social Media websites could be a segment of your site traffic. Continue reading>>

How to Upgrade Your HDTV Firmware [SAMSUNG] – And Get Rid of Annoying Audio and Video Problems

Upgrade Samsung HDTV FirmwareIt’s no secret that HDTV’s have taken off. That’s for good reason, considering the incredible image quality that HD provides. So, as people buy HDTV’s and set up HD service with their cable providers, you might think everyone is extremely happy in TV-land. But running some searches in Google for HDTV audio, video, or image problems shows you that everything isn’t perfect. Like many other gadgets and electronic devices, HDTV’s run software (AKA firmware). That software often needs to be upgraded as bugs and other problems are addressed by the manufacturer. Therefore, if you end up running into weird issues with your HDTV, don’t immediately think that your TV is shot. You just might need to upgrade your HDTV’s firmware. And that’s exactly what I’m going to walk you through in this post. Continue reading>>

Domain Strategy and SEO – Build Strength in Natural Search While Minimizing Security Risks

Domain Strategy for SEODo you know how many domains your company or clients are using? Are they building SEO power to one domain or splitting that power across ten? Do they use an excessive amount of subdomains or are they siloing content on their core website? From a security standpont, is there sensitive content sitting on test servers freely available to competitors? These are all important questions to explore, and how you address these questions can end up having a strong impact on your SEO efforts. Continue reading>>