Month: November 2009

Invalid Clicks and Click Fraud in Local Search Marketing (SEM) – Giving a Whole New Meaning to the Term HyperLocal

I’m currently helping several businesses focused on local advertising with both SEO and SEM (Paid Search, PPC). Depending on the industry and market, Local PPC can be both extremely competitive and pricey. Of course, the upside is capturing those highly targeted clicks and turning them into paying customers, which could yield hundreds or thousands of … Read more

FaceYahoogle – The Impact of Facebook, Yahoo, and Google on Website Traffic

It’s hard to get through a conversation about online marketing right now without bringing up Google, Facebook, and Yahoo (among other popular companies). However, if you’re not heavily involved in online marketing, and you’re not close to the actual referring traffic numbers from Google, Yahoo, and Facebook, then their influence can easily become nebulous. It’s … Read more