The Gift Card – The Lamest, Most Uncreative Holiday Gift in the History of Gifting

The holiday season is fast and furious for me as a digital marketer. I have the opportunity to help several companies with a wide range of holiday campaigns, from Search Engine Marketing campaigns to Facebook campaigns to Email Marketing campaigns. It’s an exciting time of year for digital marketers. But, as I’m brainstorming and developing … Read more

The Continuing Evolution of Online Shopping : My Virtual Model and Beyond

This is Part II of my series about e-commerce imaging functionality at In my first post, I explained how the pan, zoom, and view funtionality is some of the best I have seen on the web. This post is about something much more important, at least in the long-term. When you browse and … Read more

E-Commerce Imaging Functionality with Lands End – Getting a Killer Look at Products While Shopping Online

We’ve all been there. You’re shopping online and find something you’re 95% sure that you want, but you need to get a better look at the product before you click “add to cart”. So you select “Click here for larger photo” but sometimes that yields inadequate images that don’t really build more confidence. Over the … Read more

Analyzing Your Holiday Email Marketing Campaigns Using Google Analytics

As the holidays approach, chances are you will be launching several email marketing campaigns. Busy holiday marketing schedules heavily rely on email to connect with customers, promote holiday sales and offers, and to drive revenue. With the flurry of emails you’ll be sending out, analyzing your campaigns is critical to improving their effectiveness. Utilizing a … Read more