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How To Use AutoCorrect in Microsoft Word 2010 and 2007 to Automate Frequently Used Words and Phrases [Tutorial]

In 2008, I wrote a post about how delaying email by one minute in Microsoft Outlook could save your job one day. It’s been a popular post on my blog since then, and I’ve received many emails from people explaining how that tip did save them. So, although I typically write about digital marketing strategy, … Read more

The Black Hole of Blogging and Twitter, The Importance of Consistency and Persistence for Building Critical Mass in Social Media

It’s hard to have a conversation about online marketing without bringing up both blogging and Twitter. Both have become critical components of a well-balanced online marketing mix (and for good reason). Blogs can be the anchor in a social media marketing strategy, enabling a company to humanize itself, provide valuable content for targeted users, and … Read more

The Microsoft Outlook Rule That Can Save Your Job, How to Delay Your Email by 1 Minute

This isn’t necessarily a marketing-focused blog post, but I guess that’s based on how you interpret it. If you consider having to market yourself “marketing”, then I guess it still fits my blog! There are times I’ll write about something that I think can be extremely valuable for my readers, even if it’s not directly … Read more

Joe Homan from Shire Pharmaceutical, How Leading by Example Can Win You a President’s Award

This past weekend I learned that Joe Homan from Shire Pharmaceutical won the company’s prestigious CEO Award. I’m excited for Joe, but I’ll be honest, this didn’t shock me at all. I’ve known Joe for 14 years and I can tell you that he’s definitely someone that strikes you as “CEO Award Caliber”. As I … Read more

Job Titles, Overtitling and Undertitling | How Ash from Army of Darkness Was Spot On

Ahh, the classic quote from Ash in Army of Darkness (watch the video clip above if you don’t know what I’m referring to!) I’m a big horror movie fan and this quote always cracks me up… And Bruce Campbell delivering the line makes it even better. So why the video clip? Well, I had a … Read more