Month: August 2021

The short and long-term ranking impact of removing long and fluff e-commerce category descriptions [Case Study]

Imagine the following scenario… Excited about buying a new house, you decide to browse for a new kitchen table. So you fire up Google and start searching. You end up clicking through a search listing to view modern kitchen tables and land on the category page of an e-commerce site. But before you start to … Read more

Google Broad Core Updates and Image Search: Can core updates impact Image Search rankings in addition to Web Search and Discover?

Update: Google’s Danny Sullivan confirmed that Image Search can be impacted by broad core updates. That matches with what I’m seeing in the data, so it’s great to have that confirmation from Google. ——————– I was asked an interesting question on Twitter about broad core updates from Kenichi Suzuki. He asked if Google’s broad core … Read more