Month: June 2008

Flim Flam to Protect Your Brand, How Boar’s Head is Empowering Customers to Defend Their Reputation

I heard a radio commercial today that made me wish there were DVR’s for radio. In the world of marketing, there has been a lot of talk about word of mouth marketing (WOM), empowering customer evangelists, harnessing the viral power of the web, etc. So, when I heard a Boar’s Head commercial about the old … Read more

Joe Homan from Shire Pharmaceutical, How Leading by Example Can Win You a President’s Award

This past weekend I learned that Joe Homan from Shire Pharmaceutical won the company’s prestigious CEO Award. I’m excited for Joe, but I’ll be honest, this didn’t shock me at all. I’ve known Joe for 14 years and I can tell you that he’s definitely someone that strikes you as “CEO Award Caliber”. As I … Read more