Month: March 2008

Google Analytics Benchmarking Data, Comparing Your Website Data to Industry Verticals

Earlier this month, Google Analytics added a new feature, the ability to view benchmarking data across verticals. The idea is to enable you as a website owner to compare your reporting to that of your industry as a whole or to other industries. You would obviously want to do this in order to glean insights … Read more

Job Titles, Overtitling and Undertitling | How Ash from Army of Darkness Was Spot On

Ahh, the classic quote from Ash in Army of Darkness (watch the video clip above if you don’t know what I’m referring to!) I’m a big horror movie fan and this quote always cracks me up… And Bruce Campbell delivering the line makes it even better. So why the video clip? Well, I had a … Read more

SMS and Common Short Codes, Using Text Messaging for Mobile Marketing Campaigns

I’m sure some of you reading this blog post are asking, “What’s a short code?” I’m also sure many of you reading this blog post watch American Idol. What’s the connection? Well, at the end of the each performance and each show, Ryan Seacrest gives you a 4 digit code that you can use to … Read more