Month: December 2016

How Breaking News Impacts Google Featured Snippets – The Algorithm Is Getting Faster, More Dynamic, and Personalized

{Update: It happened again. I just surfaced a featured snippet for “eagles uniforms” that was based on the color rush uniforms they wore in last night’s game (12/22). So it seems this was not an anomaly, but something that can happen based on breaking news. I’ve provided a screenshot below in my post.} I’ve been … Read more

The Updates Continue – The November 30, 2016 Google Algorithm Update (And The Algo Tremor on December 6)

Summary: Yes, it’s happening again. There was a significant Google algorithm update on 11/30/16, following an update on 11/10/16 that was partially reversed on 11/18/16. And the 11/30 update is showing a connection to previous quality updates (AKA Phantom). Let’s explore what’s going on in Google Land. When writing about the November 10, 2016 Google … Read more