Month: October 2015

The Curious Case of The Disappearing and Reappearing Google Featured Snippet

As Halloween approaches this year, I’m gaining a better understanding of the phrase “Trick or Treat”. Over the past month, I’ve watched Google display a featured snippet for one of my blog posts (the “treat”), only to change that back to a standard snippet (“the trick”). And then back to a featured snippet (“treat”). And … Read more

Analysis and Findings From The September 2015 Google Algorithm Updates (9/2 and 9/16): Panda 4.2 Tremors, Manual Updates, The Methode Philosophy, and More

In my last post, I explained what I have seen during the extended rollout of Panda 4.2. I ended up analyzing over seven weeks of Panda data, since P4.2 is going through an extended rollout. And yes, it’s still rolling out now. More about that soon. Overall, it had been very quiet leading up to … Read more