Month: March 2013

Facebook Graph Search Update: Facebook Now Passing Keywords to Destination Websites, Can Track in Google Analytics

Facebook Graph Search launched in January, and I was fortunate to have early access.  Upon gaining access, I began heavily testing Facebook’s new social search capabilities.  That research led to my first post covering my initial thoughts about Graph Search, including its impact on local search, privacy, reputation management, etc.  You should check out that … Read more

How To Properly Demote Sitelinks in Google Search Console (GSC)

{Important Update on 10/13/16: Demote sitelinks has been removed from GSC.} Google just announced that they have REMOVED the demote sitelinks setting from Google Search Console (GSC). The announcement on Google+, which is now shut down, explained that Google has gotten much better at surfacing the correct sitelinks, so they believe the functionality isn’t necessary anymore in … Read more