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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Scientific Marketing - Do You Really Know Your Visitors?

The more I help clients with increasing conversion, the more I see the true evolution of web marketing. I know this may be hard to believe, but you may not understand how your customers buy as much as you think you do. I don't mean to sound obnoxious, but I've seen too many web marketing projects that look and act the way the marketing people think they should... I admit, it's hard to truly understand how your visitors think, browse, buy, etc. However, the web provides an incredible platform for testing and refining your web marketing campaigns to increase conversion. Read on.

Ta(who)chi? No, Taguchi!
Split testing, multivariate testing, and advanced testing using the Taguchi method are all viable options for optimizing your campaigns. You can also use some great online tools for assistance. For example, Offermatica is a powerful ASP-based tool that enables you to test to your heart's delight. Ever wondered what the best combination of elements would be on your landing page? Well now you can do it without the burden of building a system to track your results. You'll be surprised what you find!

You might be too close...
I think we all have faced it at some point in the know, being so close to a campaign that you don't see how the average person views it. When I first started building interactive solutions, I quickly realized how important testing was. One of my first interactive applications initially used a slick navigation that I worked ridiculously hard on developing. I loved it. Then during testing, I realized that 25% of the target audience had no idea how to use it! Ouch. Back to marketing campaigns...marketers should use their knowledge of the industry, customer, and market to craft brilliant campaigns, but they also need to test out different variations in order to scientifically (that's right, I mean data backing our ideas) to understand what will convert the most visitors into customers.

It might not be pretty...
That's right, the best performing landing pages or email creative or product detail page may not be what you think it should be. You might find that visitors want more copy and less visuals or vice versa. You might find that they hate advanced functionality and don't see calls to action in yellow. Or, they might want to click "Buy Now" immediately and get past the lengthy product description. I think you get the point!

In closing, keep an open mind. You might find that using scientific marketing helps you blaze a path at your respective organization. And once you do, science will never look the same again!


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